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At Allied Fence & Security, we are proud to provide a comprehensive selection of chain-link fences for our customers in Austin and the surrounding areas. We provide practically every type of chain-link fence you could ever need for your commercial or residential space, including galvanized and vinyl-coated fences. Our available gauges ensure that you get the right fence for your project.

Our installers have installed what seems to be an endless length of chain link fencing considering our experience in the solar world. Our national expertise involves installing fencing around renewable energy farms.

Not only do we have a proven track record with commercial chain link perimeter fencing, we also understand how a chain link fence can provide a secure and reliable perimeter around your home.

Turn your backyard into a safe and worry free environment without breaking the bank. Complemented with the right chain-link fence from Allied Fence & Security we will help you with everything you need, from selection to installation. From the smallest repair, to the largest security fencing, to material sales, we are experts in every option.

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